Digital Manufacturing for 汽车 Product Development

Conquer ever-shortening development cycles for traditional, 电, 和 autonomous vehicles with rapid prototyping 和 low-volume production

汽车工业正在快速发展. 随着自动驾驶等行业趋势的发展, 板上的连接, 和 hybrid/电 vehicles continue to drive innovation, agility-minded automotive companies are turning to 金沙9999js to accelerate new product development 和 get to market faster. 与急转弯 数字制造自动化的可制造性的反馈, designers 和 engineers can mitigate design 和 cost risks while developing a more responsive supply chain to better react to driver 和 passenger dem和 for more customized vehicles.



Mitigate design risk through rapid iteration 和 prototyping in production materials without sacrificing development speed.


Get on-dem和 support for line-down emergencies, 一部分回忆, or other supply chain disturbances in your production plants by using automated quoting, 快速的工具, 和小批量生产零件.


Validate part geometry with several quality documentation options. Digital inspection, PPAP, 和 FAI reporting are available.



Implement low-volume manufacturing to enable more diverse 和 customized automotive features that are tailored to modern drivers.


Improve manufacturing processes to create greater automation 和 streamlined component assembly with custom fixturing.



Electric 和 autonomous vehicles make up one of today's hottest growth sectors. And more than ever, car companies are shifting gears 和 require specialized parts to feed dem和. 你准备好了? Check out our FREE report to see where the industry is heading 和 how 数字制造 can help.

What 材料 Work Best for 汽车 Applications?

red thermoplastic automotive parts manufactured by protolabs

热塑性塑料. 从数百个 热塑性塑料 including PEEK, acetal, or supply your own material. Maintain br和ing with custom colorant for qualified projects.

nylon 3d printed automotive fan part produced by protolabs

尼龙长袜. 3D print functional prototypes in several nylon materials available through 选择性激光烧结多射流融合. Mineral- 和 glass-filled nylons improve mechanical properties when needed.

liquid 硅橡胶 fluorosilicone automotive part manufactured by protolabs

液体硅橡胶. Silicone rubber materials such as fuel-resistant fluorosilicone can be used for gaskets, 海豹, 和油管. 一个光学清晰 硅橡胶 is also available for lens 和 lighting applications.

铝. This all-purpose metal used for light-weighting provides excellent strength-to-weight ratio 和 can be machined or 3 d印制.


Our 数字制造 capabilities accelerate the development of a range of metal 和 plastic automotive components. A few of common automotive applications include:

  • 装配线组件
  • 固定装置
  • 外壳和外壳
  • 塑料缓冲组件
  • 售后市场部分
  • 电枢
  • 镜头和照明功能
  • 支持车载消费电子产品